Qualité France – French Quality

Guaranteed French Origin

Our “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin) label is subject to an extremely stringent audit that guarantees you full and clear knowledge of the origin of your purchase as well as its environmental and social impact (traceability of the manufacturing operation flow).

When you purchase a product with this label you can be assured by all it guarantees:

  • Compliance with social and environmental regulations
  • Conformance with current health and safety standards
  • Protection and promotion of employment and local know-how

A comprehensive dossier must be compiled with supporting documentary evidence, to effectively substantiate the origin and the manufacturing process, so as to establish:
  • The control over the various steps of the process and the production methods
  • The quality of the traceability and self-inspection system implemented

Meeting the requirements of these steps and undergoing annual audits is perfectly in line with our values: transparency and loyalty towards our customers.
You make your choice while being clearly and completely informed at all times.

Certification poêle qualité made in france

Our Company: Actinov

Eight years ago, Actinov joined a group with 25 years of end-to-end expertise in the home wood heating industry.
Actinov is the specialized entity in the group that designs, develops, and markets technological innovations with the support of a team of highly-experienced engineers and technicians.
We are committed to a sustainable development approach, an integral part of the www.orchel.fr concept offering our customizable, ecological, and high-performance Forest 65 and 80 stoves.
Our factory, located in Saint-Yorre, also calls upon the expertise of technical and technological partners recognized for their know-how, including the competitiveness clusters in Auvergne.
Our products include high-quality electronic components the majority of which are manufactured in France, giving us better control over them long term.
The highly heat-resistant paints that we use are also made in France.
Our network of professional installers already covers 30 French departments today.



Usine c'est mon poêle origine france