Performance of Pellet Heating Systems

It is no wonder that wood pellet heating is ever more successful and becoming an increasingly popular main heating method.

The Modern Pleasure of an Open Fire

Wood pellet heating combines the convenience of modern technology with the multiple pleasures of a traditional log fire: radiated heat, beauty of the flame, quietude, sensuality, to mention just a few.

As the cheapest fuel on the market in the ranks of the most environmentally-friendly, wood pellet heating is ideal for complementing an electric heating system in an old house or as a main heating system in a new house. 

With a higher heat output than a traditional wood stove – which is better suited as a backup heating system and will have a hard time heating more than one room – a pellet stove acts like a small boiler. This heating method does not progressively lose heat like a log fire does – because it diminishes as it burns. It remains steady and can be adjusted at all times.

Tax concessions to boot: As of January 1, 2015, in France, you can benefit from a 30% tax credit for the purchase and installation of your ORCHEL pellet stove.

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Puissance et performance chauffage poêle bois

Fort rendement chaleur poêle pellets

Easier to store than logs

Pellets are easier to store than logs (or even forestry chips), because they have a high energy density and their compaction allows for optimized packaging that is well suited for small quantities. Let’s not forget the inconvenience of wood handling and the mess left behind from it as well as the unavoidable soiling of slow-burning logs!
By comparison, pellets are far more convenient – especially in urban areas.
A pellet stove also allows you to minimize airborne dust and prevents the deterioration of interior walls.
Our range of pellet stoves guarantees a particularly low dust emission (17 mg/m3)


Very Efficient Heat Output

Combining the energy density of wood pellets (four times that of forestry chips) and a professional setup, as well as the leading-edge technology of all the components in our ORCHEL stoves, we are able to offer you a highly efficient heating capacity for your home.
ORCHEL pellet stoves have been recognized for their very high heat output – up to 93.5%.
With our integrated variable power unit, you’ll be able to add the pleasure of adjustable heat.
Estimate the output you need according to the floor area that you want to heat.
Note: We recommend storing wood pellets in a location entirely free of humidity to ensure perfect combustion and optimal heating.

Unmatched Autonomy

A combustion autonomy that is unattainable with a traditional wood stove, which is tied to the pellets’ energy density and allows for optimal filling of the hopper.
Also, no more diminishing log fires that quickly cool off the entire atmosphere!
A luxury for a fast-paced modern life!

Substantial Financial Savings

Pellet heating allows you to make significant savings: Its cost is 2 to 3 times less than fossil fuels. 
Unlike heating oil, gas or, electricity, which have all been subject to considerable price fluctuations for many years and that are likely to see drastic price increases by 2020, the price of wood pellets remains stable.
Since its heating time slots are programmable, your ORCHEL pellet stove adds to the savings that you can make.
Feel free to tell us about your project – specifying the layout of your home, your heating conditions, and the climatic conditions in your area – when customizing your stove online.
Only a stove set up by a professional at the leading edge of technological and safety standards, combined with regular maintenance, will allow you to consider making such savings: Choose end-to-end quality assurance with a Forest stove manufactured in a high-tech factory in France.