Ecological Performance

ORCHEL Wood Pellet Stoves – An Ecological Heating Medium

Wood pellet combustion falls within the category of “green” or renewable energy (French forests are replanted on a regular basis), which should reach 22% of French energy production by 2020.

Wood pellets are produced by compacting residues from the national and regional wood industry (mainly sawdust and wood chips) and offer multiple environmental advantages.

Neutral Carbon Emissions

Pellets are a fuel whose carbon emissions are neutral and reduce the CO2 emissions within your home, as opposed to non-renewable fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

The quality of the stove’s automatic operation and the fully mechanized fuel supply significantly minimize the emission of other “volatile organic compounds” (VOC) such as tars and dioxins, in comparison to wood logs.
This is why we at ORCHEL pay special attention to the quality of your stove settings. 

A pellet stove thus allows you to minimize airborne dust and prevents the deterioration of interior walls.
Our stoves have a particularly low level of dust emission (17 mg/m3) and already meet the European standards that are applicable as of January 2015.

Since innovation and environmental responsibility are our core values, we work in collaboration with the Institut Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand to further reduce CO2 and microdust emissions.

Poêle pellet granule bois performance écologique

Impact écologique sur l'environnement du poêle à bois