Tax Credit – VAT

Tax Credit

The French State supports the development of renewable energies.

When you equip your home a with Forest pellet stove that uses a renewable energy source, under certain conditions, you may benefit from State assistance in the form of a tax credit at a 30% rate (as of January 1st, 2015).

Find all the relevant information concerning the tax credit on the Economy and Finance portal (in French):



Reduced VAT Rate

Benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% on your equipment and its installation for any housing that is more than two years old. 

The fitting, installation, and maintenance work on materials and equipment that are eligible for the French State’s sustainable development tax credit also benefit from a reduced VAT rate.

In addition to the equipment itself, the installation work for your Forest stove performed and invoiced by our qualified installers are eligible for the reduced 5.5% VAT rate:

  • Connection to the chimney
  • Flue pipe installation
  • Chimney lining installation (including roof adaptation)
  • Ceiling restoration

State Financial Aid

The installation performed by our professionals who are “recognized environmental guarantors” owing to their Qualibois qualification, within the scope of a “work bundle” (at least two different types of work), may enable you to apply for an eco-loan at a zero percent interest rate on the cost of the equipment and the work involved in the installation of your ORCHEL renewable energy heating system.

Our experts advise you to refer to your tax center as soon as you begin your project in order to obtain confirmation of your eligibility for all these tax concessions that depend on your specific personal situation.