Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m trying to decide between the various outputs of the ORCHEL stoves you offer.
Can I make an estimation based on the floor area of my apartment?

Since it works like a small boiler, a wood pellet stove offers a far superior heat output than conventional fireplaces or wood stoves.
You can simply estimate the useful output using our online calculator.


What are the advantages of wood pellet heating?

Wood pellet heating is economical, environmentally friendly, extremely efficient in terms of heat output, and easy to maintain.

ORCHEL pellet stoves combine technological prowess with style to offer you the greatest comfort in wood heating.


Do I need to be wary of dust soiling my living room as with my old wood-burning fireplace?

No, quite the opposite.

The automatic supply in pellet stoves avoids having to load wood in the hearth, which can lead to smoke being released in the room. The optimized air circulation in our stoves prevents any blackening of walls and ceilings.


What does the Qualibois certification imply?

The Qualibois certification guarantees the quality of your wood stove’s installation performed by experts and in compliance with environmental standards.


How do I take care of my wood heating appliance that I recently installed?

Your ORCHEL stove is inspected by our experts twice a year within the scope of our pipe and duct maintenance contract in accordance with local French health regulations.


During the week, my husband or I come home from day care with our baby at different times.
How can we turn on our Forest stove shortly before our return?

You can use the remote smartphone programming option that comes with stoves in the FOREST range or program the thermostat included with ORCHEL pellet stoves.


We go to the countryside every weekend.
Can we turn on the heating on our Forest stove just prior to our return on Sunday evening?

No problem! Simply program the thermostat integrated in your ORCHEL pellet stove or use the remote smartphone programming option that is available with stoves in the FOREST range. Choose the desired output from one of the four settings available and you’re done!