Becoming an ORCHEL Reseller/Installer

Join a Team of Wood and Pellet Stove Professionals

Take advantage of ORCHEL’s sales and technical knowledge.
Benefit from 25 years of expertise in the field of wood heating.

A Range of Wood and Pellet Heating Appliances Suitable for a Very Wide Clientele

The ORCHEL brand offers a selection of wood or wood pellet appliances that come in most any style and design (traditional cast iron stoves, designer steel stoves, extremely efficient and customizable pellet stoves, cast iron hearths and inserts, and more).

Very Competitive Prices

ORCHEL has selected a very wide range of products affordable no matter what the budget. No single client will leave your store without having found a product that suits his or her aesthetic and financial aspirations.

Reseller Training

Our team will train you on the latest technical and business developments in our trade. More particularly, we are able to lead you to the Qualibois Air qualification.
With ORCHEL, you benefit from everything it takes to become a leader in domestic wood heating in your area.

Dynamic Marketing Actions at Your Disposal

In collaboration with our teams, we will design and enliven your sales area with suitable POP materials for your local environment.

A Dedicated Geographic Area for Each Reseller

Each store benefits from an exclusive geographic territory in which the reseller can freely develop the ORCHEL brand.

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