How Do I Choose Between a Wood Stove and a Pellet Stove?

Are you considering the purchase of a wood or pellet stove, but still don’t know which to choose? In order to help you make your choice, you will find below a few important points of comparison:

Chauffage au boisUsing Wood or Pellets as Fuel – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between these two types of heating is the fuel. The operation and use of these appliances will differ depending on whether you choose to use wood or pellets as fuel.

A wood heating appliance requires someone to be present in order to reload the hearth on a regular basis: every 2 to 4 hours during normal operation.

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Chauffage aux granulés de bois

A pellet stove offers a longer period of use without reloading – its autonomy can reach up to three days without reloading. Its hopper allows it to operate automatically without needing to be reloaded several times. Pellet appliances can be programmed. The automatic startup and shutdown of the appliance allows you to reduce fuel consumption and increase burn time. A pellet stove needs an electrical connection to operate, which is not the case for a wood stove.
The heating power of wood pellets is approximately 4.9 kWh.

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Wood and Pellet-based Energy – the Lowest Cost on the Market

Wood and pellets are the cheapest energy when it comes to heating. Since wood is a cheaper fuel than pellets, it seems to have a slight advantage on this point.

Which Appliance Is the Best Match for My Use?

Your intended use of the stove you purchase certainly is the first criterion to consider when making your choice.

Wood stove:

ORCHEL wood stoves offer an outstanding view of the fire. They will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a crackling wood fire, while operating completely independently, warming you up in any season, either as a main heating system or as a backup.

Choosing Your ORCHEL Wood Stove

Pellet stove:

The very silent, easy-to-use, and autonomous ORCHEL pellet stoves are equipped with a large capacity hopper providing more than 10 hours of autonomy.
Their automated operation allows you to maintain the selected temperature in your home and benefit from the various options available: touch interface, backup power (stove operation without power supply for 6 to 8 hours), mirrored glass, and a smartphone option that allows you to adjust your stove from a remote location using an application on your smartphone (iOS or Android).

Choosing Your ORCHEL Pellet Stove

The volume you need to heat is a very important criterion. Our appliances are designed for various types of spaces.

When It Comes to Aesthetics, Wood or Pellets?

Our ranges of wood stoves and cast iron wood stoves will harmonize with any interior style. The modern look of ORCHEL wood stoves will perfectly match modern styles, while magnifying the view of the fire and increasing the comfort of wood heating. The cast iron stoves will provide a view of the fire that is very similar to a fireplace.

More or less rustic, they will do wonders when fitting out an old fireplace.

ORCHEL pellet stoves feature a modern and trendy design that perfectly fits any interior.
The FOREST range of stoves is extremely customizable! Choose from among 33 colors and materials to create the stove that matches your desires. Unique decorations made by our artists and designers allow us to offer up to 830 different combinations with which you can customize your FOREST pellet stove.

What Storage Space Do I Need According to My Choice?

To store firewood, you need a large and voluminous outdoor space that meets the prescribed rules for drying wood. Dry wood of good quality is essential for the combustion in your wood stove.
Wood such as oak, hornbeam, or beech ensures highly efficient combustion. Before it is burned, firewood must be stored for two years to let it dry. Since it is difficult to buy ready-to-use dry wood, you must regularly replenish your stock to dry the wood that you will burn over the following two years.

Pellets are packaged in bags. The bags must be stored in dry place, e.g. in a ventilated garage. Storing pellets takes up much less space than storing wood.

Now that you know all the differences between wood stoves and pellet stoves, you can browse through all our models in our catalog.