Manufacturer of Pellet Stoves and Wood Stoves

For More Than 25 Years

At ORCHEL, the company that manufactures your stove, our sales and technical teams have more than 25 years of experience in fireplace technology.
Our distributors are highly experienced when it comes to commissioning and servicing wood heating systems. They have all obtained the French “QUALIBOIS” quality label awarded to qualified installers of wood heating units for domestic use.
We guarantee that you will get THE best quality available on the stove installation market, a pledge of trust to our customers.

Controlled Quality

All our resellers receive technical training at our site in SAINT-YORRE. Our technical department goes into the most minute details to provide them with all the know-how they require to perform efficient and earnest work. All our resellers are qualified to perform the installation and maintenance of your appliance, and also give you the assurance that it’s done under the best possible conditions.

Qualibois Certification

The “Qualibois” label is a quality guarantee for French professionals qualified to install wood heating appliances for homes.
Our distributors’ Qualibois qualification guarantees the following advantages for you:

    • Advice and assistance on your Forest wood pellet heating system
    • Professional expertise acquired on our premises (training, experience)

    • Legal guarantees that explicitly cover all activities and work carried out

    • Transparency and information (detailed and comprehensive cost estimate for the entire installation, detailed descriptive invoice, signed certificate to submit if requesting government subsidies)

    • Installation performed in accordance with applicable professional regulations, standards and legislation

    • Setup and commissioning of the system or supply of the technical instructions required for the installation and operation of the appliance, as well as all documents pertaining to the warranty conditions and servicing/maintenance of the appliance

    • Responsive and quality customer service

Qualibois is a Trademark

  • An official label obtained from the French State and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) acknowledges it as a “recognized environmental guarantor”

  • It is recommended by the local and regional authorities, the French energy information centers “Espaces Info Energie”, as well as the professional and industrial organizations in the field

  • It is supported by utility companies (EDF, GDF SUEZ)

  • It is regularly mentioned in the media as a quality benchmark for consumers.


Unique Entirely French Production

Our production site, located in SAINT-YORRE in the French department of Allier, designs and manufactures your appliance with the very latest production techniques. From laser cutting of metal sheets to the choice of selected materials, nothing is left to chance in order to produce a high-quality finished product that features the latest technological advances. ORCHEL is the only company that offers a smartphone option to control your appliance from a remote location, as well as a backup power option for people living in blackout-prone areas.