Why Heat With Wood?

What are the benefits of wood heating? What are its drawbacks? Find the arguments and conditions for high-performance wood heating below.

A Cost-effective and Environmentally-sound Heating Solution

When used as the main source of heating for your home, on average, wood heating is three times more cost-effective than electric heating.
Since wood is a renewable energy, heating with wood is also an environmentally-friendly heating solution. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by wood heating is then absorbed by forests, which makes wood a clean energy with a practically neutral carbon balance.

Heating Your Home Independently

Since wood stoves do not need any source of energy to operate, wood heating is the only independent heating solution. In fact, while other combustion appliances require at least an electrical hookup to operate, wood stoves only need to be connected to the flue pipe in order to evacuate the smoke from combustion.

Quality Heating

The wood stoves in ORCHEL’s range offer very high efficiency that is often higher than average. The efficiency of ORCHEL stoves, generally above 80%, will favor low consumption of combustion agents for optimal heating of your interior. For example, the WIEN wood stove has an efficiency of 81%. This means that 81% of the energy consumed is returned and only 19% is lost during combustion. In comparison, the efficiency of ORCHEL pellet stoves is greater than 85% and even reaches 92% on some models.