FOREST Pellet Stove Range

Forest Technological Performance

Exceptional Innovative Features for Your Customizable Stove

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  • Thirty three materials and colors for decoration combined with six customizable cladding components (sides, top, top and bottom fascia, glass window, façade and angle shape) make for up to 828 possible combinations!

  • Two levels of heat output available: Forest 65 at 6.5 kW and Forest 80 at 8 kW

  • Five settings for forced-air heat circulated by a convection fan, including one with an integrated thermostat that regulates heat for optimal efficiency

  • Powerful automatic settings, fully programmable in advance (three different settings per day)

  • Remote management of programmed time slot using a smartphone (option)

  • Backup power system for a heating autonomy of 6 hours (option)

  • Compliance with environmental standards guaranteed, since its specifications already include the future European “eco-design” standards currently being validated in the various countries: low dust emissions of 17 mg/m3

  • Compact dimensions: 105 x 57 x 50 cm

  • Clean-glass system for easy maintenance and even greater convenience
    Retractable screen

Heating with the highest efficiency: up to 93.5% for Forest 65 and Forest 80. A natural convection mode is included (at level 1) for operating at low duty.

This economical mode will meet the needs of a low heat demand to be distributed harmoniously throughout all your rooms. Your very silent Forest stove thus is a variable, convenient, and economical heating system best suited in all circumstances.

Reinforced Thermal Insulation for Greater Savings and Safety

  • The Corten steel heating unit is highly resistant to heat over time and provides increased resistance to corrosion (AFNOR standard). To stand behind this feature, we offer an exceptional 5-year guarantee on this main component.

  • Certified airtight combustion circuit, an exceptional guarantee on the market. This guaranteed airtightness allows you to install your stove in any part of your home.

  • Vermiculite cladding of the hearth, a natural mineral high-temperature thermal insulation

  • Two cast iron heat exchangers (10 kg), usually made of sheet metal, provide a high heat transfer, a maximum concentration of the heating surface, and a long service life, thanks to the cast iron’s superior resistance.

  • “High-temperature” steel paint and customizable decorative features

The Forest range of pellet stoves was founded on leading-edge innovative technologies developed in Saint-Yorre, in the Auvergne region, in France. Actinov, the French company that manufactures and assembles them, has been specializing in wood stoves and developed its expertise in heating technologies for close to 25 years.

Innovation for Greater Safety, Convenience, and Environmental Friendliness

Technical Options and Accessories


Optional Features

  • Six-hour Backup Power System 
This option provides you with six hours of autonomy avoiding loss of any convenience and the need to restart your Forest 65 or 80 stove in the event of a power outage or brownout that would otherwise shut it down.

  • SMS Control 
This easy-to-use option allows to simply send an SMS message to control your Forest pellet stove from a remote location. This comes in handy when you want to heat your home before you arrive or shut down the stove when you’re away longer than expected. The system allows you to further optimize the already very flexible programming of your Forest stove and make additional savings.

Optional Technical Options

  • Floor Plate 
All our Forest stoves are airtight and guarantee the safety of harmonious heating with no risking of damaging your floor. However, if you wish to add an additional insulation, our Forest floor plate will combine a great look and outstanding performance in a choice of three colors (black, gray, and mars).

  • Attractive Additional Wood Pellet Hopper 
This sober and attractive hopper will hold an additional bag of pellets that allows you to always have a sufficient stock of pellets available. You can easily install it in the location of your choice. This means added convenience and peace of mind to you.

  • Solar Panel Rechargeable Battery 
The battery of a Forest pellet stove can be recharged using solar power.


Qualité France – French Quality


Guaranteed French Origin

Our “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin) label is subject to an extremely stringent audit that guarantees you full and clear knowledge of the origin of your purchase as well as its environmental and social impact (traceability of the manufacturing operation flow).
When you purchase a product with this label you can be assured by all it guarantees:

  • Compliance with social and environmental regulations
  • Conformance with current health and safety standards
  • Protection and promotion of employment and local know-how

A comprehensive dossier must be compiled with supporting documentary evidence, to effectively substantiate the origin and the manufacturing process, so as to establish the following:

  • The control over the various steps of the process and the production methods
  • The quality of the traceability and self-inspection system implemented

Meeting the requirements of these steps and undergoing annual audits is perfectly in line with our values: transparency and loyalty towards our customers.
You make your choice while being clearly and completely informed at all times. 

The Safety That Comes With Forest


Demand a professional who is committed to safety so as not to sacrifice safety in favor of looks.
Fully customizable and highly efficient? Yes! But not without bringing together all aspects and standards of safety that protect your home.


Forest stove ensures the following:

  • Certified airtight – The pellet stove airtightness certification is delivered by the CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Center for Building) and is an exceptional safety guarantee for you and your family that is still far too rare on the market (stoves that come with a technical evaluation document certifying that it is airtight are rare).
  • Approved by the “Origine France garantie” quality label – This label guarantees that you enjoy a product whose manufacturing and in-house inspection process have been audited within the scope of a stringent annual independent audit performed by Bureau Veritas.
  • Manufactured to provide reinforced thermal insulation
  • Copper alloy heating unit that is highly heat resistant
  • Vermiculite cladding of the hearth, a natural mineral high-temperature thermal insulation
  • Cast iron heat exchanger (usually made of sheet metal) provides a high heat transfer, a maximum concentration of the heating surface, and a long service life, thanks to the cast iron’s superior resistance
  • “High-temperature” steel paint and customizable decorative features
  • Installed by technical experts who are Qualibois-qualified, a sign of recognition for extremely experienced wood heating installers
  • Inspected by our experts twice a year within the scope of our pipe and duct maintenance contract in accordance with local French health regulations